Infofinder i

Transfinder Infofinder i is here!

Transfinder Infofinder i is a web-based application that allows parents to lookup stop locations as well as visualize the assigned route. Registration is not required to utilize this service.

With Transfinder Infofinder i now available to parents, please review the following points:

✅ Special Education and Pre-School routes are not visible in this tool. Contact your home school to confirm you have submitted the required Special Education Transportation Form to register your child for transportation.

✅ If you are new to our school district - including incoming Kindergarteners; have an online registration still in "Pre-Registration" status; or your child has never been routed, a bus stop may not be available immediately through your search.

‼️The Transportation Department will continue to route incoming Kindergarteners and students who are queued in "Pre-Registration." Check back Monday afternoon to see if your stop has populated.

✅ If you are the parent of a returning student who has been routed in the past and believe a bus stop should be visible for your address but cannot locate one, please contact to resolve the issue.

✅ When you search an address, by selecting the "All" tab in the Results box, you can view the pathway of your child's bus route. Selecting the "Stops" tab in the Results box will generate more specific information, such as the approximate stop time.

✅ Stop times are approximate, be sure your students are ready and waiting at their bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.

Bookmark the following link to access Infofinder i:

Note: No student information is available or searchable through this database.

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