We are very excited to announce that our datacasting initiative is ready to expand to all students that attend Shelby Eastern Schools. Here is a short video that helps explain datacasting: 

Datacasting is made available to all students attending Shelby Eastern Schools at no cost to the family or to the school district. All expenses are covered by a grant from the State of Indiana to the Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations. 

Important Dates:

     1. Parent sign-up begins Tuesday, October 19

     2. Elementary take home begins the week of October 25

     3. High School take home begins the week of November 1

If you have a child that attends an SES school and are interested in receiving datacasting equipment, please sign up via the Datacasting Form. This will not only help families with limited or no Internet ensure that their students receive updated information from teachers, it will also help families that already have broadband Internet by moving student downloads of Google Classroom content off of the families Internet and onto the datacasting connection.

For additional information visit: