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The Shelby Eastern Schools Transportation Department safely and efficiently transports over 865 students, across 20 routes, on a daily basis. On this webpage, you will find information about:

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  • How to Request Transportation Services, Alternate Transportation Request Forms, and Bus Passes

  • Transportation as a Related Service for Students with IEPs and 504 Health Plans

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  • Bus Routes and Transportation Department Staff

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How to Request Transportation Services, Alternate Transportation Forms, and Bus Passes

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Requesting Transportation Services

Before your student is able to ride the School Bus to or from school, our Transportation Department will need to gather some information from you. If you are new to Shelby Eastern Schools, your home school will typically handle this registration process. If you have an existing student and need to add Transportation Services, please contact Katrina Falk at kfalk@ses.k12.in.us. If you already indicated transportation would be required via PowerSchool Enrollment Express, you do not need to complete any additional steps. (Review this link for important information about completing Form E: Transportation Request Form in Enrollment Express.)

Transportation will not begin the same day a new student is registered if the student is enrolled mid-school year. The routing process typically takes between three and five days, depending on the physical address.

Alternate Transportation Request Forms

If you need your student to ride to an address other than the physical address on record at their home school or from an address other than the physical address on record at their home school, an Alternate Transportation Request Form must be completed and submitted for approval prior to your student riding on the alternate route. This type of request is for long-term arrangements, such as a step-parent or babysitter. Alternate Transportation Request Forms are approved on the basis of an existing route servicing the requested address and available capacity. Routes will not be altered in order to accommodate an Alternate Transportation Request Form. Only one (1) alternate site is allowed per student.

Note: Selecting "Yes" on Form E for the question pertaining to students being picked up or dropped off at an address other than their home address does not automatically qualify them for alternate transportation. The printed Alternate Transportation Request Form must be completed and approved.

  • An Alternate Transportation Request Form can be downloaded here. If you prefer, one can be sent home with your student - please contact your school directly to request this.

  • Once completed, the Alternate Transportation Request Form can be sent back to your school with your student; faxed to the Shelby Eastern Schools Central Office at (765) 544-2247; or e-mailed to kfalk@ses.k12.in.us.

  • When your Alternate Transportation Request Form is approved, the Transportation Department or your school will contact you directly to confirm the arrangements.

Bus Passes

Bus Passes are issued for one-time occurrences where a student needs to ride an alternate route in the afternoon. Please contact your home school's office prior to 1:00 PM if a Bus Pass needs to be issued for your child. Hand-written notes, text messages, or e-mails given directly to the School Bus Driver are not valid substitutes for a Bus Pass; these must be submitted to the school office each morning. A Green Note (Morristown) or Red Note (Waldron) is required in order for a student to ride another route.

Other Important Transportation Notes

Transportation is not provided to Little Mohawks Pre-School at Waldron Elementary School or Little Yellow Jackets Pre-School at Morristown Elementary School. The only Pre-School students eligible for transportation are those with a current IEP or 504 Health Plan on file that lists Transportation as a Related Service (see below).

Transportation as a Related Service

Special Education School Bus

If your student has an IEP or 504 Health Plan on file that lists Transportation as a Related Service, your student is eligible for transportation on one of our three Special Education and Life Skills routes. In order for services to begin, please complete the Special Education Transportation Form, and submit it to the Teacher of Record. The Transportation Form will then be approved by the Director of Special Education and the Director of Transportation. Services will be scheduled to begin in conjunction with the Transportation Form being approved.

Technology for Parents

Our Transportation Department utilizes a number of converging technologies on a daily basis, including: Transfinder Routefinder Pro & PLUS, Transfinder Infofinder i, Zonar GPS & Ground Traffic Control, and Cummins PrevenTech Remote Diagnostics.

Transfinder Infofinder i is a web-based application that allows parents to lookup bus stop locations and approximate stop times, as well as visualize the assigned route. Registration is not required to utilize this service.

Shelby Eastern Schools Transfinder Infofinder i Access for Parents

With Transfinder Infofinder i now available to parents, please review the following points:

  • Special Education and Pre-School routes are not visible in this tool.  Contact your home school to confirm you have submitted the required Special Education Transportation Form to register your child for transportation.

  • If you are new to our school district, have an online registration still in "Pre-Registration" status, or your child has never been routed, a bus stop may not be available immediately through your search.

  • When looking up your address, confirm you are entering it in the format recognized by Bing Maps. For example: 1234 E Hazelwood Dr N is the correct format, not 1234 East Hazelwood Drive; 123 S Mulberry St is the correct format, not 123 Mulberry. If you are unsure of the proper format for your address, check https://www.bing.com/maps before searching for an address.

  • If you are the parent of a returning student who has been routed in the past and believe a bus stop should be visible for your address but cannot locate one, please contact kfalk@ses.k12.in.us to resolve the issue.

  • When you search an address, by selecting the "All" tab in the Results box, you can view the pathway of your child's bus route.  Selecting the "Stops" tab in the Results box will generate more specific information, such as the approximate stop time.

  • Stop times are approximate, be sure your students are ready and waiting at their bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled stop time.

  • Please report stop time variances greater than ten (10) minutes between the displayed time and actual time to kfalk@ses.k12.in.us.

Report Problem with Bus Stop Location

Bus Stop Icon

If you have a concern regarding the placement of a current bus stop within our school district, please report it directly to kfalk@ses.k12.in.us. All reports regarding the safety of our bus stops are tracked and appropriately addressed per the guidance provided by the Indiana Department of Education - Office of School Transportation and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Information to Include in Report:

  1. Route Number or Bus Number

  2. Exact Bus Stop Location

  3. Nature of Concern (Student Crossing, Roadway Conditions, etc.)

Note: Reporting a problem with a bus stop location is meant to address safety-related concerns; it is not a request to add additional bus stops.

At minimum, all routes are reviewed on an annual basis and reported, on record, at the August School Board meeting as being in compliance with the guidance set forth by the Indiana Department of Education - Office of School Transportation as well as all lawful requirements as outlined in Senate Enrolled Act 2 (https://www.in.gov/doe/files/Bus-Stop-Location-Guidance-2022.pdf).

Our Bus Routes and Transportation Department Staff

The following table lists all of our Route Numbers (which coincide with our Bus Numbers) and the Driver and/or Aide assigned to the routes. Route #s 1 through 10 and #s 27 & 28 are Waldron-area routes, and Route #s 11 through 20 and #s 24 & 25 are Morristown-area routes.

Route Number

Bus Number

Bus Driver

Bus Aide

Route # 1


Ann Adams

Route # 2


Jessica Scudder

Route # 3


Michelle Harker

Route # 4


Cindy Houser

Route # 5


Joann Stagge

Route # 6


Daron Scudder

Route # 7


Emily Hilton

Route # 8


Andy Beyer

Route # 27


Marleah Huber

Janet Russell

Route # 28


Leslie Cruea

Teresa Smith

Route # 11


Jon Nelson

Route # 14


Stephanie Stough

Route # 15


Don Runyon

Route # 16


Paula Nigh

Route # 17


Pam Bassett

Route # 18


Brittany Clemons

Route # 19


Mark Nigh

Route # 20


Teena McMichael

Route # 24


Brittany Carlton

Katrina Trattner

Route # 25


Megan O'Neal

Danni Canter

Public Education

Just as important as School Bus Safety is to our students, it is equally important for our motoring public to be aware of our School Buses on the roadways. When you see our School Buses each morning and afternoon, it is safe to assume they will be making a stop, or multiple stops, along the road you are traveling. The illustration below depicts when you are required to stop.

All of our new School Buses are equipped with forward- and rearward-facing stop arm cameras, and a number of existing School Buses have been retrofitted with the same equipment. These cameras provide high-resolution, real-time, GPS-stamped footage of all violations. Footage of stop arm violators is forwarded to local law enforcement as well as the Shelby County Prosecutor’s Office.

When to Stop

Employment Opportunities

Kids on Field Trip

We are always looking to add qualified individuals to our team of transportation professionals. If you are interested in joining us for a rewarding career opportunity, complete the online Non-Certified Application. Minimum Requirements for School Bus Drivers:

  • Must be at least 21-years-old (or 18-years-old to become a School Bus Aide).

  • Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug screening and extended background check.

  • Must have a clean driving record.

  • Must be able to pass a DOT Physical with Title 20.

  • Must hold or be able to obtain a Class “B” CDL with Air Brake, Passenger, and School Bus Endorsements.

  • Must hold or be able to obtain an Indiana School Bus Driver Certification Card (Yellow Card).

Training is available for qualified candidates. Click Here for a checklist of items to complete in order to become a School Bus Driver for Shelby Eastern Schools.

Additional Information:

  • Click Here for the job description for School Bus Driver Trainees.

  • Click Here for the job description for Substitute School Bus Aides.

Staff Resources

Activity Bus

Giving Back to the Community

The Shelby Eastern Schools Transportation Department is proud to participate in multiple fundraising efforts sponsored by our individual schools.


In 2019, our Transportation Department was recognized as a Zonar All Star Award Gold Award Winner for its case study entry titled "Telematics and Efficiency for the Small School District." That same year, we were recognized as a Tech Super-User by School Transportation News Magazine. We are the only School District Transportation Department in Shelby County with a Director of Transportation holding National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) Certification as a Certified Pupil Transportation Specialist (CPTS) and Certified Supervisor of Pupil Transportation (CSPT) as well as Transfinder Routefinder Pro Professional Certification. Our Director of Transportation also serves at the Region 8 Director for the School Transportation Association of Indiana (STAI).

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