What is MySchoolBucks?

MySchoolBucks will provide parents/guardians with the ability to prepay for meals, pay textbook fees, and purchase any other school store-related products anytime, anywhere from any Internet-connected device.​ 

Parent(s) and guardian(s) can pay MySchoolBucks invoices through PowerSchool Parent Portal. Please follow the steps outlined in the guide linked here to connect MySchoolBucks to Parent Portal.

Please follow the three steps below:

Step 1: Create MySchoolBucks account.

Step 2: Add your child to your MySchoolBucks account.

Step 3: Pay your invoice and/or add money to your child's meal plan.

To get started with creating your account, please follow the directions in the guide linked above. This will enable you to access MySchoolBucks from your PowerSchool Parent account.