Frequently Asked Questions


PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support

  • PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) provides comprehensive support to assist families in accessing and completing online forms. 

  • Families can utilize PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support if they are having difficulty accessing a form, are unable to log in to their account, have forgotten their password, are having technical issues with a form, or if a form has been linked to the wrong user account.

  • PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support, including Chat Support, can be accessed here 

School Site

There are certain situations where it is appropriate for School Administrators to provide families with the assistance they require. These situations include:

  • Interpretation of questions. (How should I fill this out?)

  • Changing submitted information.

  • The user never received or misplaced a snapcode.

  • The user's record is On Hold.

  • Incorrect information within read-only fields.

Accounts and Account Maintenance

Q: Why do families need to create a PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) account?

  • A: Most PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) solutions are multiple-page forms that require families to create an account, though there are certain cases with single page forms where no account is needed. Having a secure account ensures the security of the information and allows families to save their progress and return to complete a form at a later date or access the confirmation page of a submitted form.

 Q: Why do families need an email address to create their account?

  • A: Email is used for all major communications between PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) and the family. These communications include the new account creation email and the submission confirmation email, among others.

 Q: What are the ways a family can obtain a new password?'

  • A: Retrieving a password can be done either online or by contacting the PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support Team directly.

  • To retrieve a password online, the family can select the 'Forgot password?' link on the Account Sign In screen. From there they must enter the account's associated Email Address. They will then be able to either recover a temporary password sent to their account's email address, or they can choose to answer their security questions online and immediately enter a new password.

  • For support over the phone, the PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support team will be able to send the "Forgot Password" link to the account's email address, or, after answering the security questions, will be able to change the password on the account. For security and privacy reasons the PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support team does not have access to current passwords.

 Q: What if a family forgot or cannot access the email address associated with their account?

  • A: At this time there is no “Forgot Email?” link on the Account Sign In screen. Users will need to click “Forgot password?” and try to reset their password with a potentially linked email address. If the user enters an email that is associated with a PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) account, they will proceed to step two of the password recovery process.

  • The PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support team may be able to assist the user in locating which email domain was used (Example: I see the student is tied to a Gmail email account). If this does not assist the user in remembering which email address was used, the PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support team may ask the user to create a new account.

 Fill In Forms / Pre-Populated Data

 Q: For districts using PowerSchool SIS and posting forms in the PowerSchool SIS Public Portal - How can Families locate forms?

  • A: Family users follow these steps to locate PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Forms in PowerSchool SIS:

  • Log into PowerSchool – This means family users will need their Access ID and or password to create their account or add additional students.

  • Select the correct student from the top left of the screen – family users may need assistance adding additional students to their account. Direct them to this article on the PowerSchool Community for assistance.

  • Click the appropriate link from the left-hand navigation bar.

  • Begin entering information on the form.

 Q: How can Families complete forms?

A: The PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) Support team advises family users that PowerSchool Enrollment (Registration) forms are optimized for all mobile devices, but the best user experience is available on a laptop or computer. If the user is having trouble with a computer, advise them to clear their browser history, cache and cookies. See this article on the PowerSchool Community for instructing family users to clear their history, cache, and cookies.

Q: A family member is reporting a Closed form error message. What do I do?

  • A: Walk the family member through verifying the following:

  • Ensure the family member is accessing the current year. Previous year forms are likely closed.

  • If the link is for the correct year, ensure that the form link has not been posted in advance, and the submission window is open.

  • If the dates indicate the form should be open, the form is probably undergoing maintenance.

Note: In the event that a form has been closed and needs to be re-opened, contact your Enrollment (Registration) Support Specialist to have the date range extended.

Q: A family member is reporting incorrect pre-populated form information. What do I do?

  • A: In the event that the family user is seeing incorrect and read-only information the form, admin users will need to correct the data. Data may be prepopulated from the SIS, such as PowerSchool, or it may come from existing roster records. In either case, the in progress form will need to be canceled and restarted after the data has been corrected. If the form has been submitted with incorrect information, an admin user will need to edit the data. To edit submitted data, click the pencil and paper icon to the right of every record on the Manage Data screen.

Q: A family member is reporting that their form record is on hold. What do I do?

  • A: In the event that a form has been placed on hold, only the school or school district has the authority to remove the hold. To Remove the hold, see Remove Hold in the Roster Workspace in the online help.