NEW Guidelines for the 2021 Shelby County Girls & Boys Basketball Tourney 

According to the Shelby County Health Department with response to moving to a  RED County due to the increase in Covid-19 cases, ALL host sites will follow the below listed NEW PROTOCOLS

1. All Tourney Sites will be limited to the participants and Adult  Parent/Guardians. We are defining participants as players, managers,  coaches, cheerleaders and essential workers 

2. Events are LIMITED to ONLY 2 Adult Parent/Guardians…NO Siblings OR  Students ALLOWED 

3. Adult Parent/Guardians will identify themselves at the ticket gate 

4. Adult Parent/Guardians will be marked off the roster for both home and  away teams 

5. Remember to PLEASE Mask Up for the entire event…Social Distancing is an  EXPECTATION and will be addressed 

6. Schools will send out the FREE live streaming links once we have them so  everyone can enjoy the tourney from home