Estimated Application Date/Time:    October 19th;7am-9pm,

 Description of Location(s):  Shelbyville Eastern Schools (Waldron)   

 Ares Included:  Waldron High School, sports fields, common grounds  

 Licensed Commercial Applicators:  Matt Kuhn License # F210435

                                                             Patrick Kuhn License #RT215747

                                                             Damian Dicksen #RT282339

                                                            Joe Price License #RT273944

                                                             Collin Kuhn #RT282354

Contact Information:  Kuhn Kare LLC    765-525-6305

 Designee for Information:  Jeff Scott, SES Director of Building and Grounds, 765-544-2246, ext. 1028

 Principal Target:  Fertilizer & post-emergent Herbicide(weeds) (EPA #228-447-10404)

 Herbicides/Pesticides to be Applied:   Fertilizer 16-6-6(no EPA #) and Fertilizer 30-0-6 (no EPA #)

 Brand Names Used:  Lesco Fertilizer-Award Professional Turf Fertilizer